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Learn about the top Medical Universities in Georgia (Country) for International Students, their tuition fee structure, Admissions requirements, local plus International accreditation and the English taught programs in these Medical colleges in Georgia.

Here, we will tell you everything you need to know to study Medicine in Georgia (Country). We will tell you the Universities that offer Medicine (MD) program in English language, the requirement for studying the program, and how to successfully transition from your country of residence to Georgia to study Medicine program. We will do our best to answer as many questions as possible.

As you already know, a degree in Medicine not only opens the door to the possibility of becoming a Medical Doctor, it also lays the groundwork for a number of other career options. Studying Medicine (MBBS) equips students to use their knowledge of human body in their daily lives. Developing excellent research and analytical skills, the ability to be a better communicator and to master the art of treating illness are just some of the additional benefits of studying Medicine.

Furthermore, If you enjoy going to your medical courses, discussing medical topics, or spend your spare time reading medical websites, then there is a good chance that earning a medical degree is the right option for you. And there are many top Universities in Georgia that offer Medicine (MBBS) for International students. Studying in Georgia is quite wonderful.

In order to Study Medicine in English in Georgia, here are the steps you must take.

Towards the end of this write up, we will provide complete guide on how to accomplish is of the Steps mentioned above.

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Best Georgian Universities that Offer Medicine, Program Duration, Level and Language of Instruction.

Yes, there are many Universities that offer Bachelor program, Master Program and Doctorate program in Health Sciences through the Georgian language which is the most prominently used language in the Georgia. To make the search easier, we have brought you only the universities you need as an International student desiring to study Medicine in English language. According to reputed university rankings, these are some of the best medical universities in Georgia where you can pursue a Medical Doctor degree:

How many years does it take to study Medicine in Georgia?

In General, Medicine (MBBS) In Georgia is a six (6) year program. Since Georgia uses the ECTS. Medicine in every university consists of 360 ECTS which are divided into 30 ECTS per Semester. Students are expected to complete at least 60 ECT per academic year and 360 ECTS In six (6) years. This means that Medical students graduate in six (6) years when they complete their medical studies and fully earn all 360 ECTS credit load within 6yrs.

Top Universities To Study Medicine in Georgia for International Students. 
The Universities are listed in alphabetic order NOT according to their International rankings

Note: We already made everything easy for you. You can click on each of the Universities above to read about the Universities, their tuition fees for the Medicine (MBBS) program, history and other things that make each of the Universities unique. And you can click on “Apply here” to start your registration process.


admission Requirements for International Students

All the Medical Universities we have listed above are involved in the Bologna Process. Their Medicine (MD) programs are accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia. They are approved by the National Center for Education Quality Enhancement. Since Georgia is a member of the European Higher Education Area, the certificates issues by the mentioned Georgian Universities are accepted in Europe and other parts of the world.

Global Accreditation/International Recognition:
These Top Medical Universities In Georgia are  members of the following organizations.

Amongst the Seventeen (17) Top Medical Universities In Georgia on the list, the cheapest Tuition fee is $4,980 USD per year and the most expensive tuition fee is $12,500 USD per year. The Average range of tuition fee for most Medical Universities in Tbilisi (Georgia’s capital) is $6,000 USD – $7,000 USD

After you must have found a competent university to study in, make sure you are financially ready and then you can apply for admission. You can apply through our website

To get admission through Admission Office LLC to study Medicine in Georgia, Simply fill our Online Application form or send all required documents to . List of the required documents are:

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After submission, within 48hrs of fulfilling the application requirements, we will get in touch with you. Apply Now

According to the new laws that came into effect from May 12th, 2021, all International students are required to get a Study Visa in order to arrive and live in Georgia for study purpose. Even foreigners who can arrive in Georgia as tourists MUST apply for Study Visa if they decide to become students in Georgia.

For detailed information on Georgia’s immigration and Visa rules for foreigners, visit Ministry of Foreign Affair’s Website. To learn more about Immigration procedures for International students, you can read our article about Georgia Study visa for student

Once you are an admitted student in Georgia and you have your student visa you must think of a place to stay in. Accommodation in Georgia for international students is not that expensive, but is normal that as a foreign student, you should strive to find the most financially suitable place for you.

As you prepare to find accommodation and settle in in Georgia, here are some of our useful guides you may want to look at.

If you would like to get Airport pickup services and other post arrival support services from Admission Office LLC. Kindly

  1. Employ professional Realtors to Find Flats/Apartments for you in Georgia.

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Exchange Programs:

You might also undertake international exchange programs with leading universities and colleges in the USA or in European countries and explore different research practices and themes. Students are also encouraged to apply to internships or work as research assistants in fields like Human medicine, Experimental Psychopathology or Psychophysiology.

All lectures, workshops, research are meant to advance your understanding of physiological, emotional, cognitive and social determinants of behaviour and further your knowledge of psychologic theories.

Georgia attracts millions of tourists every year and thousands of students arrive in Georgia to pursue the various educational programs available in Georgia. This is good for career development of students as it is common for students to meet people from different countries and cultural backgrounds willing to share their life experiences and insights on the career path the student has chosen.

Career Opportunities:

Where can you work after you graduate?

Medicine is an extraordinarily diverse field with hundreds of career paths. Some specialties, like caring for people with mental and emotional disorders, are familiar to most of us. Others, like helping with the design of advanced computer systems or studying how we remember things, are less well known.

Some Medical Doctors work alone, with patients and clients coming to the psychologist’s office. Others are involved in health care teams and typically work in hospitals, medical schools, outpatient clinics, nursing homes, pain clinics, rehabilitation facilities, and community health and mental health centers.


Study In Medicine

Join thousands of International students currently studying in Georgia (Europe).

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I could barely walk, sit or stand when I found my way into Dr. Leibovitz's clinic. I had seen some other chiropractors, but it was only in this clinic that I had gotten real help with my issues.
Sophie Grant
the staff at Dr. Leibovitz is wonderful. Now I can come back to all my favorite sports activities and drag my husband to whatever jogging marathons are available locally.
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