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What are the Visa requirements for International students?

International Students applying for study visa of Georgia:

  • Must have a valid International Passport.
  • Must be admitted into an accredited University in Georgia and have active student Status.
  • Must not be banned from entering Georgia in the last 5yrs.

According to the regulations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, for an International student to apply for Study Visa, the applicant must be outside of Georgia or have at least 45 legal days within the territory of Georgia.

How does it works?

1. Fill our application form below
2. Go through consultation with our visa consultant.
3. Make our service fee payment.
4. Submit application to the Embassy and wait for decision.
5. Prepare to arrive in Georgia, appeal decision or get refund.

Step 1: Fill our form below, provide your personal contact details and upload the copy of your international passport. After submitting the form, you will be required to pay $50USD Consultation fee (non-refundable).  After filling the form, our legal consultant will contact you within 48hrs to review your case. This fee covers our immigration lawyer’s consultation service and also it helps us identify the serious applicants.

Step 2: After the consultation phase, if you are eligible to apply for study Visa and our consultant confirms that we can assist you, you will told the list of documents we need from you to commence your visa documentation process and you will receive an invoice to pay our visa documentation service charge. 

Our visa documentation service fee ranges from $600USD to $1,500USD depending on the age of the applicant, the location of applicant, the applicant’s university, and the protocols of the Georgian Embassy that the applicant’s nationality is assigned to. Generally, International students who gained admission to study in Georgia through Admission Office LLC pay a lower service charge as our agency had already made some of the applicant’s documentation processes during registration.

The service charge also covers for the cost of putting together all the visa support documents that should be collected from the applicant’s university and other relevant authorities within Georgia for the purpose of applying for the student’s visa. After paying our visa documentation service charge and fulfilling all the requirements of the Embassy that student is assigned to, the student’s visa application will be filed in. 

According to the law, every Embassy of Georgia can take a maximum of 30 days to review and make decision on student’s visa application. The consulate’s decision may come earlier (7 – 14 days) but not later than 30 days.

Please Note: Admission Office LLC does not promise or guarantee issuance of study visa. The decision to issue or refuse visa application is made by the consular department of the MFA or the Embassy of Georgia. Our service is to provide proper guidance and documentation to student to improve the chances of the student to get a positive decision.

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