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Admission Office is the Private Platform which gives International students access to the top universities in Georgia with the suitable environment that will make them happy, fulfilled and energized to pursue their academic and life goals. Come study in Georgia!

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Bachelor's Degree

See all Bachelor degree programs in Georgia & their application requirements


Master's Degree

See all Master's degree programs in Georgia & their application requirements


Doctorate (Ph.D)

See all Doctorate degree programs in Georgia & their application requirements


Vocational Programs

See all Vocational programs in Georgia & their application requirements

How to Study In Georgia (Country)

  1. Read about the different programs and Universities.
  2. Choose the university you want to Study in.
  3. Contact the University's Admission Office.
  4. Contact National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement
  5. Apply for a Visa.
  6. Arrive In Georgia for studies.
  7. Secure your accommodation & Report to University.
  8. Apply for Residence Permit.
  9. Hurray! You can now live and Study In Georgia!

Find Your University & Program In Georgia

See the list of Universities in Georgia (Country) and the programs which they have been accredited to offer for International students.


About Georgia

Georgia is a beautiful country right on the intersection between Europe and Asia. The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi. Georgia borders the Black Sea to the west, Turkey to the west and south, Armenia to the south, Azerbaijan to the East and Russia to the north. Apart from being super safe and having an affordable cost of living, Georgia is

What International Students In Georgia Say

Study MBBS in Georgia (Europe)

Here is how to study MBBS in Georgia for International students. We have provided full guide about the MBBS programs offered by best medical colleges in Georgia.

Read our full guide on the different kind of accommodation in Georgia (Europe) for foreign Students. Also you can find cheap flats or hostels for students in Tbilisi, Batumi or other regions of Georgia with the help of our professional real estate brokers.

Support for transfer students from Ukraine

Admission Office Ge provide professional support for students desiring to apply for Georgian Study Visa, Get Airport pickup Support and  Georgian residence permit for study purpose 

Study Aviation programs in Georgia

You can earn degree and vocational certificates in aviation fields from Georgia.  and degree certificates in Aviation fields.

Our lawyers provide legal services for foreign students in Georgia such as helping the students gain restore or extend their legal stay in Georgia, appeal your visa, residence permit refusal, consular legalization and more

Study Maritime programs in Georgia

The cost of studying in Georgia is typically considered to be one of the lowest you can find. The average student will spend the equivalent of between 3,000 US Dollars and 8,000 US Dollars per year for their undergraduate degree, regardless of their field of study.

Here are the best Engineering universities In Georgia (Europe) for foreign students desiring to study engineering courses in Georgia.

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