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We will tell you everything you need to know about as a International student desiring to transfer your credit from your present University to any University in Georgia (Country). Learn about the credit recognition method, enrollment process and how to get the best transfer offer. 

Official Admission Representative of Various Universities in Georgia (Country).

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How To Transfer From Another Country To Georgia (Country)

In order to transfer your credits from Medicine in your present University to the University in Georgia here is the procedure you must undergo. In addition to documents and procedures.
You must present
1. Copy of your international passport
2. Transcript from your previous University
3. Curriculum or Syllabus from your previous University

Afterwards, you to pay $100 – $300 to have your documents translated, notarized and presented to the dean of your faculty of your program for review.

After the review the dean will tell you how many credits from your transcript is recognized and which Semester you can continue from in the University in Georgia. If you are satisfied with the offer from the Dean, then you have to pay his registration fee of University so that we can apply for your “recognition” (It’s like Study Permit) from the National Centre for Education Quality Enhancement


Transfer To Study In Georgia

Join thousands of International students currently studying in Georgia (Country).

To get Admission at the University of Georgia (UG) simply fill our Application form or send all the required documents to

List of the required documents:

  1. Copy of the passport;
  2. High School Certificate or BA degree Diploma (for MA degree applicants) along with transcript;
  3. Application fee payment receipt.
  4. Video Interview (Contact us for sample)

Application Status:

After submission, within the 7 working days of fulfilling the application requirements, we will send you an official offer letter from the University of Georgia Tbilisi. On the basis of the signed offer letter, Admission office will start enrollment procedure. Translation, notarization, recognition and enrollment procedures take approximately 2 – 4 weeks.

UG has no deadline for admission. However, the University has two intakesStudents can get admission to either join Fall Academic Session (September batch) or the Spring Academic Session (February/March batch).

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Once the invited applicant accepts the number of credits approved by the dean of the University and agrees to continue studies in the semester that the dean approved for him/her, the applicant’s personal identification and recognized credits documents will be submitted to the National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement to get EQE’s recognition. 

Also, the documents will be submitted to the Ministry of Education and Science to obtain the Ministerial Order for enrollment. As soon as the enrollment procedure will be successfully completed, the University will inform the applicant of his/her credits have been transferred successfully, hence, he/she can start studying in Georgia at the new University..

Let’s Start your transfer process to study in Georgia today, fill the Application form or send all the required documents to

"Welcome to Georgia"

Listen to the testimonies of other International students who have transferred from other countries to come study in Georgia. And see why UG is a favourite destination for International students.

Message for International Students

Top 12 Reasons to Transfer To Georgia.

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“Welcome to Georgia! With hundreds of international students and visiting international scholars, Georgia is fast becoming a hub of learning and research in the region, offering quality education and excellent infrastructure to students from all around the world ”.

Personal Information

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Pay Transfer Documentation Fee

Payment covers translation and notarization of your documents. And submission for credit recognition to the dean of faculty of your chosen program.

video interview

Make Video Interview (Questions will be sent to your email address after completing this online application).​


For undergraduate and Master's program applicants, Credit counting process takes 1 - 14 days. Transfer students recognition process takes a month and Ministry decree takes two weeks.


We'll contact student to inform about your enrollment. Student has to come to sign the contract in the university and pay full tuition fees and collect their University admission number/Code.

Student visa

For Embassy letters student has to transfer at least one semester fee or Full tuition fees (which is refundable) to University’s account in Georgia. Admission Office can make provisions for Airport pick-up, Accommodation reservation, immigration and Visa services to the student for a reasonable fee.

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For Admission, Visa and Resident permit application.

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