Kindly follow the guide below to complete your registration process at the University of Georgia.

Congratulations again for earning your place to come study << Test Last Name >> at the University of Georgia in this Spring Semester!.

The reason you are receiving this email is because you applied to study in the University of Georgia 

You will receive emails from Admission Office throughout your registration process. Kindly follow these four (4) steps to complete your registration at the University of Georgia.

  • Video Interview:  After submitting your application documents, the next step is to make a video Interview. The purpose of the Interview is to ascertain that you can speak English language. Download the Interview Guide. Follow the instructions carefully and make the Interview. See sample of the Video Interview here
  • Pay Registration FeePay $100 registration fee via PayPal. OR Pay $100 registration fee via Bank Transfer. The  Payment covers translation and notarization of your documents and  submission for recognition to National Centre of Enhancement. Within  48 hrs of completing this process, You’ll receive your Placement letter and Submission from the University.
  • Get EQE Recognition: Next step is to wait to receive your recognition from the National Educational Quality Enhancement Centre (EQE). Six (6) working days after paying your registration fee, you will receive your result from the EQE.

Once you receive the EQE recognition. you can begin to plan your trip to Georgia. For your convenience, we have an admission support team ready to help you complete your registration process before the deadline. 

Tel: +995-571125222 (Monday to Saturday 09:00-20:00 GMT+4)
Email: .