You  have arrived at this page because we have received your request to find a suitable accommodation for you near your University. Kindly make your broker service fee payment.

  • Broker Service fee is $50 (non-refundable)

After making the payment, we will contact you within 2 working days of receiving your payment to offer you apartment options within your budget that are near your University. If you like the pictures and features of the apartments/flats we will send to you, our staff member will go to the apartment to take a recent video of the apartment and its environs to show to you. 

You will receive as many pictures as available. And you get only 5 chances to request for video capturing. If you are satisfied with any of the apartments after reviewing them in video, you will be requested to make part payment to the Landlord/Owner of the apartment to reserve the apartment for you until you arrive in Georgia.  


Please note: Please send your payment receipt to . You are advised to keep electronic receipt (evidence of transaction) of your payment with you for record purposes.

visit and review flat

Student will be taken to the flat by our representative to review the property and meet with the Landlord/landlady. If the student loves the flat, he/she can proceed to sign a rental agreement with the property owner.

sign rental contract

The student and the property owner will sign a rental contract. Our representative will also be present to give counsel to the student and ensure that his/her rights and interests are covered in the rental agreement.

move into flat

Finally, the student can move in and lawfully posses the property he/she has rented. Admission Office will provide the student the necessary support to settle in quickly.

pay accommodation search service fee

Payment is refundable ONLY If Admission Office does not find flats for the student within the stipulated time frame.

Other Services

Would you like to rent your flat to International students in Georgia?. Need Support? Kindly Contact :  or call: +995 571 090 000 . Admission Office can make provisions for Airport pick-up, Accommodation reservation, immigration and Visa services to the student for a reasonable fee.

Next Steps