Payment Form​


You have arrived at this page because you have successfully submitted an application to register a student into a University in Georgia. Kindly make your registration fee payment for the student.

We do attend to all applications, however, due to the high volume of requests we receive, we prioritize application requests of students whose service fee has been paid for. Payments also help us to identify your most genuine/serious requests.

  • Service fees are 100% refundable ONLY if the service is not rendered to the student)

You’ll receive your offer letter within 2 working days of making the Registration fee payment. If the final decree is positive, candidate should arrive in Georgia 1 week before the beginning of the academic semester. 

  • Any additional services can be requested for and paid for now or later when the student has been enrolled successfully at the university If you’d like Admission Office to provide any additional services to the student.
  • Accommodation Arrangement: Hostel fees include cost of hostel, utilities and three meals per day. The Hostel fee ($4,200USD) mentioned is the average cost of securing hostel services in Georgia for one student. For special offers or discount for group of students, kindly reach out to our partner support team: , +995-550002800. 

Special Note: We are offering free Airport pickup & post arrival service support to all local and international students transferring from Ukrainian universities to Georgia due to the war in Ukraine.

Kindly select the university that the student is applying for. Registration fee varies depending on the university that you will select.
Select any additional service that you’d like for admissionoffice to render to the student once the student’s admission process is completed successfully.
Choose the kind of accommodation arrangement that you’d like for us to arrange for the student when he/she arrives in Georgia.

Please note: You are advised to keep electronic receipt (evidence of transaction) of your payment with you until the end of student’s registration process.