Payment Form​


You have arrived at this page because you have successfully submitted your application to study your desired program at the University. Kindly make your registration fee payment.

We do attend to all applications, however, due to the high volume of requests we receive, we prioritize application requests of students whose registration fee has been paid for. Payments also help us to identify the most genuine/serious requests.

  • Registration fees are 100% refundable ONLY if the student is not admitted into the University)

You’ll receive your offer letter within 2 working days of fulfilling the University’s admission requirements and making the Registration fee payment.

Academic Semester for the chosen program starts in September, 2023. If the final decree is positive, candidate should arrive in Georgia 1 week before the beginning of the academic semester.

  • Select “Additional Service” package, If you’d like Admission Office LLC to provide services such as Immigration Support, Airport Pickup, find Accommodation, residence permit documentation and more for you. The service costs varies depending on the package that you’d like to have (You can request for these services later too). 

Special Note: We are offering free Airport pickup & post arrival service support to all local and international students transferring from Ukrainian universities to Georgia due to the war in Ukraine.


Please note: You are advised to keep electronic receipt (evidence of transaction) of your payment with you until the end of student’s registration process.