Service Payment Form​


You have arrived at this page because you have successfully been enrolled at the University. After successfully gaining admission to study at the University, there are three (3) more steps that every student must go through to arrive and study in Georgia. They are;

  • Visa Application Process
  • Airport Pickup, Find accommodation and Settling In Process
  • Residence Permit Process

Just as we helped you to successfully secure your admission at the University, our agency can help navigate the remaining steps successfully as well. So, If you would like Admission Office LLC to help you complete the remaining steps,  kindly select the services you would like us to offer you and make the appropriate payment. 

After making your payment, you will receive a payment confirmation receipt from PayPal in your email. Please screenshot the email and send the receipt to our Support Team’s through the contact details below: 

Mobile (Whatsapp): +995-550003330

When we receive your payment, our support team will contact you via email within 24hrs to offer you the service you have paid for

Note: In case you are unable to pay via PayPal, it is possible to Pay via Bank Transfer (Download Details for Bank Transfer here )

In case the student’s Visa application is refused by the Embassy or student is refused entry into Georgia, Admission Office LLC will process full refund of the Student’s Airport pickup, find accommodation and Settling In Service Fee.

  • Select “Full Health Insurance From Insurance Company In Georgia (1 year)” If you would like to get full health Insurance Policy that is guaranteed to be accepted In Georgia. (You can request for these services later too)


Please note: You are advised to keep electronic receipt (evidence of transaction) of your payment with you until the end of your registration process.