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Georgian Aviation University

  • Founded: 1992
  • Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Type: Private

We will tell you everything you need to know about as a International student desiring to study In Georgian Aviation University Tbilisi. Learn about SSU’s rich history, programs for International students, tuition fees, admission and how to apply to study in SSU”

SSU’s Official Admission Representative 

Georgian Aviation University (SSU)

The Georgian Aviation University is the only Aviation University located in Tbilisi, Georgia.  The Aviation Institute of Georgia was founded in 1992, in the structure of Georgian Technical University. However, In 2005, the Aviation Institute got down from the Technical University and became Independent Georgian Aviation University.

The university has an accreditation from the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia. Lately, the Georgian Aviation University has become a favorite destination for both local and International students seeking a career in the aviation industry. The university has several type of aircraft for students, such as: A-22, Cessna-152, Piper Seneca and Boeing 737-200.

Georgian Aviation University’s Tuition Fees And Programs For International Students.

Bachelor Degree ProgramsTuition Fees per  yearDuration
School of  Air Transport and Flight Exploitation  
Piloting/Commercial Pilot Licence (Flight Exploitation of aircraft)€13,000/yr4yr
Piloting/Commercial Pilot Licence (Flight Exploitation of Helicopter)€13,000/yr4yr
School of Engineering  
Aircraft engineering (Technical exploitation of aircraft- B1)€3000/yr4yr
Design and manufacture of aircraft €3000/yr4yr
Technical exploitation of aircraft avionics and electrical systems. (B2)€3000/yr4yr
School of Business, Economics and Management  
Air transport management€3000/yr4yr
Bachelor Degree ProgramsTuition Fees per  yearDuration
Piloting Courses  
Piloting/Private Pilot Licence – III Level€26,000/yr2yr
Commercial Pilot Licence – IV Level€26,000/yr2yr
Technician Courses  
Aircraft maintenance (B1)€3000/yr2yr
Aircraft maintenance (B2)€3000/yr2yr
Business and Hospitality Courses  
Air Hostess Training€3000/yr5 Months
Bachelor Degree ProgramsTuition Fees per  yearDuration
School of  Air Transport and Flight Exploitation  
Piloting/Commercial Pilot Licence (Flight Exploitation of aircraft)$10,500/yr2yr
Piloting/Commercial Pilot Licence (Flight Exploitation of Helicopter)$12,500/yr2yr
School of Engineering  
Aircraft engineering (Technical exploitation of aircraft- B1)$3000/yr2yr
Design and manufacture of aircraft $3000/yr2yr
Technical exploitation of aircraft avionics and electrical systems. (B2)$3000/yr2yr
School of Business, Economics and Management  
Air transport management$3000/yr4yr

Study In SSU

Join thousands of International students currently studying in the Georgian Aviation University (SSU).

To get Admission at the Georgian Aviation University (SSU) simply fill the Application form or send all the required document to

List of the required documents:

  1. Copy of the passport;
  2. High School Certificate or BA degree Diploma (for MA degree applicants) along with transcript;
  3. Application fee payment receipt.
  4. Video Interview (Contact us for sample)

Application Status:

After submission, within the 7 working days of fulfilling the application requirements, you will get an official offer letter from the Georgian Aviation University. On the basis of the signed offer letter, Admission office will start enrollment procedure. Translation, notarization, recognition and enrollment procedures take approximately 2 – 4 weeks.

SSU has no deadline for admission. However, the University has two intakesStudents can get admission to either join Fall Academic Session (September batch) or the Spring Academic Session (February/March batch).

Apply Now

Once the invited applicant sends the personal identification and educational documentation to the Georgian Aviation University, the documents will be submitted to the National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement and to the Ministry of Education and Science to obtain the Ministry enrollment. As soon as the enrollment procedure will be successfully completed, the University will inform the applicant of his successful enrollment to study in Georgia.

Start your admission process to study in Georgian Aviation University today, fill the Application form or send all the required documents to

As soon as the enrollment procedure will be successfully completed, SSU will send you an official invitation letters which – together with other documents – will be required for the applicant to apply for studying VISA to the closest Georgian Embassy. 

For more information about the visa regime for your country nationals and stateless persons residing in the relevant countries, see our Georgian Visa and Residence Permit for Students guide. 

For Visa application related issue, contact for professional support.

Global Recognition

Georgia Aviation University is Accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.  SSU is involved in the Bologna process therefore it is recognized by contracting states both in Europe and the United State of America.

The Georgian Aviation University is an active participant in C.I.M.A – Conference Internationale De Mechanique et Aeronautique (International Conference for Mechanics and Aeronautics).

SSU is dedicated to training student to become professional who meet ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) standard to practice as pilots, engineers, crew members, and aviation business administrators. And SSU is on the list of top aviation universities in Georgia (Europe)

Exchange Programs:

Georgian Aviation University is a member of Erasmus Mundus exchange program ACTIVE and Erasmus +.  According to these projects, Georgian Aviation University students participate in exchange programs at various European Universities.

International Projects:

The University participates in many NASA outreach programs giving SSU students the opportunity to learn from the best NASA space and Aeronautic engineers.

SSU participates in various International Scientific-research projects aiming at broadening the network of SSU students in the International  Aviation Industry.

Also, Georgian Aviation University is in partnership with the renowned Aircraft manufacturing company Boeing corporation (USA). Also, SSU has more individual partnership with prestigious universities in US, Asia and Europe that students can benefit from

"Welcome to Georgian Aviation University"

Let's give you a campus tour of Georgian Aviation University- the favourite destination for future pilots and Aviation professionals.

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Career Services:
For the purpose of strengthening the theoretical knowledge, students of third and fourth courses undergo internships in different workshops and institutions. The interns are led by leading industry professionals.

Theoretical and practical knowledge of students by profession is the prerequisite for their employment. The field of aviation specialists is very diverse, they are allowed to be employed in airlines, airports, air navigation, tbilvive building, construction companies, banks, civil aviation management departments, field training academies and more.

SSU has a MOU with leading Aircraft Maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) Company,  Aircraft Technics. Most of SSU graduates are currently employed by local and international companies.

Student Affairs:

SSU Self-Government is the student body organization within the University that actively represents the student’s interests. It is a student elected government that is involved in organizing social activities, innovative student clubs and supports students in realizing their initiatives.

SSU Self-Government ensures that the student life is ever exciting.

SSU has two Satellite campuses. First in Tbilisi and the second in Telavi. SSU boast of having its own Airport in Telavi where flight training are conducted for students.

Today the university has a modern educational material-technical base. With the purpose of practical training for future professional pilots and aviation specialists, the university is equipped with modern infrastructure and equipment in Telavi, airports Cessna, Piper seneca, A-22, An-28 and Boeing 737-200, EASA standards FNPT II MCC class Aviation , Specialized specialized laboratories and more.

Georgia Aviation University support healthy lifestyle amongst students and offers student an outdoor sport grounds where they can play volleyball, soccer and other interesting games.

SSU provides accommodation for students to live in in Tbilisi or Telavi Campus where the University’s own  Airport is location. SSU hostel comprises single and double bedrooms within the University premise. The hostel is well equipped  with a kitchen and laundry room. Students living in the hostel are provided with 24hr security. For $200 (monthly) a student can live in SSU hostel.

Message for International Students

Male professor wearing glasses

“Welcome to the Georgian Aviation University! With hundreds of international students and visiting international scholars, the Georgian Aviation University is a hub of learning and research in the region, offering quality education and excellent infrastructure to students from all around the world ”.

Contact Details

For Admission, Visa and Resident permit application.
Call: +995 571125222

Address16 Ketevan Tsamebuli Ave, Tbilisi, Georgia

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