New Vision University

  • Founded: 2013
  • Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Type: Private

We will tell you everything you need to know about as a International student desiring to study In New Vision University Tbilisi. Learn about NVU’s rich history, programs for International students, tuition fees, admission and how to apply to study in NVU Georgia”

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New Vision University (NVU)

The nonprofit New Vision University Hospital aims to provide medical service based on individual needs and ethical values through the implementation of treatment methods at the international standards. Development, implementation and enhancement of quality of medical practices are carried out along with educational and research programs.

The hospital is a rare exception in the reality of Georgia, which is established as a nonprofit legal entity and operates for the benefit of the public. This is expressed through numerous free screening programs, as well as, by the so-called development of non-profit directions. For example, in 2017, the palliative department has been formed and expanded several times.

The nonprofit New Vision University Hospital replaced, Ltd. company functioning under the same name, which was founded as a result of a reorganization in Ltd. Cancer Research Center- Martin D. Abeloff Laboratory (established on April 20, 2012) and September 2015 merger of Ltd. Geoclinic. In October 2017, another autonomously operating unit purchased from the hospital “Davit Gagua Clinic” joined the hospital. Accordingly, the number of hospital beds increased to 125.

Since September 1, 2016, management of the hospital and the School of Medicine has been united making the Dean of the School of Medicine head of the hospital subsequently.

New Vision University’s Tuition Fees And Programs For International Students.

Bachelor Degree ProgramsTuition Fees per  yearDuration
School of Business and IT  
Business Administration$4500 (1st yr)
$3375 (w/s)
Business and Information Technologies$4500 (1st yr)
$3375 (w/s)
School of Medicine  
Medicine$7000 (1st yr)
$5250 (w/s)
Medical Rehabilitation and Nursing Care$4500 (1st yr)
$3375 (w/s)
School of Politics and Diplomacy  
Politics and International Relations $4500 (1st yr)
$3375 (w/s)

Note: W/S means “With Scholarship”. To earn the Scholarship, a new student must pass all his/her first year courses.

Master Degree ProgramsTuition Fees per  yearDuration
School of Business and IT  
Business Administration (MBA)$4500 (1st yr)
$3375 (w/s)
School of Medicine  
Medical Rehabilitation and Healthcare Management$4500 (1st yr)
$3375 (w/s)
School of Law  
 Comparative Private and International Law $4500 (1st yr)
$3375 (w/s)

Note: W/S means “With Scholarship”. To earn the Scholarship, a new student must pass all his/her first year courses.

Doctorate Degree (Ph.D) Programs

Tuition Fees per  yearDuration
School of Business and IT  
Business Administration$5000 (1st yr)
$3750 (w/s)
School of Law  
Doctorate of Law$5000 (1st yr)
$3750 (w/s)
School of Medicine  
Ph.D in Medicine$5000 (1st yr)
$3750 (w/s)

Study In NVU

Join thousands of International students currently studying in the New Vision University (NVU)

To get Admission at the New Vision University (NVU) simply fill the Application form or send all the required documents to

List of the required documents:

  1. Copy of the passport;
  2. High School Certificate or BA degree Diploma (for MA degree applicants) along with transcript;
  3. Application fee payment receipt.
  4. Video Interview (Contact us for sample)

Application Status:

After submission, within the 7 working days of fulfilling the application requirements, you will get an official offer letter from the New Vision University. On the basis of the signed offer letter, Admission office will start enrollment procedure. Translation, notarization, recognition and enrollment procedures take approximately 2 – 4 weeks.

NVU has no deadline for admission. However, the University has two intakes. Students can get admission to either join Fall Academic Session (September batch) or the Spring Academic Session (February/March batch).

Apply Now

Once the invited applicant sends the personal identification and educational documentation to the New Vision University, the documents will be submitted to the National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement and to the Ministry of Education and Science to obtain the Ministry enrollment. As soon as the enrollment procedure will be successfully completed, the University will inform the applicant of his successful enrollment to study in Georgia.

Start your admission process to study in New Vision University Georgia today, fill the Application form or send all the required documents to .

As soon as the enrollment procedure will be successfully completed, NVU will send you an official invitation letters which Рtogether with other documents Рwill be required for the applicant to apply for studying VISA to the closest Georgian Embassy. 

For more information about the visa regime for your country nationals and stateless persons residing in the relevant countries, see our Georgian Visa and Residence Permit for Students guide. 

For Visa application related issue, contact for professional support.

Global/Europe Recognition
New Vision University is involved in the Bologna process.

MCI Recognition:
New Vision University Tbilisi is one of the universities in Georgia that has Medical Council of India (MCI) accreditation.

NVU School of Medicine¬†–¬†World Directory of Medical Schools and The Association of Medical Schools in Europe – AMSE.

NVU School of Law is a member of European Law faculties Association – ELFA

Exchange Programs:

New Vision University is a member of the¬†project –¬†Network for Developing the European Studies in Caucasus¬†(DESCNet).¬†DESCNet¬†has nine members from different countries:

International Projects:

AVON’s mammography cabinet in New Vision University Hospital implements Breast Cancer Prevention Screening Program for free since 2014

Since December 2017, New Vision University Tbilisi has been part of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) project -“Management and effective resolution of workplace disputes within the public agencies of Georgia.”

Also, New Vision University is a participating partner of Network Europe. The Network Europe is a platform for cooperation between academic institutions from West, East and Central European countries which are engaged in the research of various issues concerning the European integration process.

"Welcome to New Vision University"

Take a visual tour of our University and see why NVU is a favourite destination for International students.

Career Services:

New Vision University has Career Development Support Department which offers extensive services for students and alumni, including help with decision making and career planning, networking, and employment opportunity referrals.

As well as individual advisement, New Vision University Georgia regularly conducts experiential workshops and events at which job seekers can connect with professionals in the field and prospective employers.  Alumni is further supported through the Alumni Development Program that provides personal and career development counseling.

Student Affairs:

NVU has a Student Self-government which is elected at the Student General Assembly by the majority vote. NVU’s Student Self-government is being run by the elected students to represent student’s interests in various fields. The representative council of the Student Self-government include the chair for Scientific Society (NVU-SSS), Cultural Society, NVU Sports Society Contact Detail, NVU Photographers Club, Medical Doctor Program and more.

New Vision University has two campuses in Tbilisi. Both of them are located in the Dighomi district of Tbilisi.

New Vision Hospital remains one of the notable infrastructure of New Vision University. The hospital serves the public and also gives NVU’s students opportunity to have first hand experience from prominent doctors and administrators working in the New Vision University.

NVU Library is one of the well equipped libraries in Georgia. Some books and manuscripts dating back as far as 1800, have been donated from private collections. According to the agreement between New Vision University Georgia and the “Civic Education and Social Equality Center,” these books will be hosted by the NVU library permanently.

Currently, New Vision University Tbilisi does not have a hostel for International students. However, apartments and flats around the University campus are easily affordable. To learn more about apartments around NVU, read Accommodation and Hostels In Georgia for International Students

Message for International Students

‚ÄúWelcome to the New Vision University! With hundreds of international students and visiting international scholars, the New Vision University is a hub of learning and research in the region, offering quality education and excellent infrastructure to students from all around the world ‚ÄĚ.

Contact Details

Address: 1a Evgeni Mikeladze Str,
0159, Tbilisi, Georgia.

For Admission, Visa and Resident permit application.
Call: +995 571125222

Address: 1a Evgeni Mikeladze Str, Tbilisi 0159, Georgia.

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